Volunteering Information

We have been exceptionally lucky over the years to have a group of wonderful volunteers who so generously give us their time and energy. From shelving books to repairing them, we would not be able keep up if it weren’t for our volunteers!

If you would like to become a volunteer, fill out this form and send it back to us.

Here is the listing of our Volunteer of the Year recipients:

1978 Joyce Perle
1979 Della Mallette
1980 Reita Platford
1981 George Broomfield
1982 Audrey Morrison
1983 Gladys Floyd
1984 Pat Gasston
1985 Marie Reiser
1986 Judy Acres
1987 Dorothy Keim
1988 Alice Glanville
1989 Leona Olynyk
1990 Kay McCaffrey
1993 Logan Morrison
1994 Donna Farley
1995 Chris Gleis
1996 Dorothy Blumenschein
1997 Ruth Llewellyn, Brenda Paslay, Sherry Saselli
1998 Ellen Marsh
1999 Rita Robertson
2000 Jan Whelan
2001 Bev Baker
2002 Kay McCaffery
2003 Nancy Dale
2004 Joan Marsh
2005 Andy Black
2006 Lee Derhousoff
2007 Alma McMurdo
2009 Jeff Bellenie
2010 Wanda Corbeil
2011 Bob Peters
2012 Katherine and Tiara Varabioff