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New this month!

Below is a list of all the books and movies we’ve added in the past month. Search our catalogue to place a hold on any of these titles, or come browse the new books shelves.

Last updated May 3, 2023

Hot Shelf

Call Number Author Title Year
HOT Barclay, Linwood The lie maker : a novel 2023
HOT Roberts, Nora Identity 2023
HOT Banville, John The lock-up : a novel 2023

Adult Fiction

Call Number Author Title Year
FIC ADA Adams, Taylor The last word : a novel 2023
FIC ALL Allison, Lulu Salt lick 2021
FIC AND Anderson-Dargatz, Gail The almost widow : a novel 2023
FIC ARM Armstrong, Kelley The poisoner’s ring 2023
FIC ATW Atwood, Margaret Oryx and Crake : a novel 2009
FIC AUS Ausubel, Ramona The last animal 2023
FIC BAB Babcock, Becca Some there are fearless 2023
FIC BAN Banville, John The lock-up : a novel 2023
FIC BAR Barclay, Linwood The lie maker : a novel 2023
FIC BAT Battis, Jes The winter knight 2023
FIC BEA Beanland, Rachel The house is on fire 2023
FIC BEL Bellefleur, Alexandria The fiancée farce : a novel 2023
FIC BER Berest, Anne The postcard : a novel 2023
FIC BIR Bird, Kristen I love it when you lie 2023
FIC BRE Brennan, Allison Seven girls gone : a novel 2023
FIC BRI Brideau, Lisa Adrift : a novel 2023
FIC CAS Castro, V. The haunting of Alejandra : a novel 2023
FIC CHO Chong, Kevin The double life of Benson Yu : a novel 2023
FIC CLA Bentley, Don Tom Clancy Flash point 2023
FIC CLE Clements, Oliver All the queen’s spies : a novel 2023
FIC COL Collins, Dani The prospector’s only prospect 2023
FIC CUL Cullen, Lynn The woman with the cure 2023
FIC CYP Cypher, Sarah The skin and its girl : a novel 2023
FIC DEB Deb, Siddhartha The light at the end of the world 2023
FIC DOC Doctorow, Cory Red team blues 2023
FIC FIN Finlay, Alex What have we done : a novel 2023
FIC FRA Frazier, Charles The trackers : a novel 2023
FIC GRA Graham, Genevieve Bluebird 2022
FIC GRE Greeley, Molly Marvelous : a novel 2023
FIC HAY Hay, Elizabeth Snow Road Station : a novel 2023
FIC HEI Heiny, Katherine. Games and rituals : stories 2023
FIC HEN Henry, Emily Happy place 2023
FIC HOL Holton, India The secret service of tea and treason 2023
FIC HOO Hoover, Colleen It ends with us : a novel 2016
FIC JAC Jackson, Joshilyn With my little eye : a novel 2023
FIC JAM James, Erica A secret garden affair 2023
FIC JIM Jimenez, Abby Yours truly 2023
FIC JOS Joshi, Alka. The perfumist of Paris : a novel 2023
FIC JOS Joseph, Paterson The secret diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho : a novel 2023
FIC KAL Kalla, Daniel Fit to die : a thriller 2023
FIC KAT Katsu, Alma Red London : a novel 2023
FIC KEI Keith, Ellen The Dutch orphan : a novel 2023
FIC KEP Kepnes, Caroline For you and only you 2023
FIC KHA Khaw, Cassandra The salt grows heavy 2023
FIC KLU Klune, TJ In the lives of puppets 2023
FIC KUA Kuang, R. F. Yellowface : a novel 2023
FIC LAR Larsen, Ward Deep fake 2023
FIC MCA McAvoy, J. J. Verity and the forbidden suitor : a novel 2023
FIC MCI Mc Ivor, Breanne The god of good looks : a novel 2023
FIC MCL McLaughlin, James A. Panther Gap : a novel 2023
FIC MEI Meissner, Susan Only the beautiful 2023
FIC MOL Molnar, Marta The secret life of sunflowers 2022
FIC MOO Moore, Susanna The lost wife 2023
FIC NOV Novak, Brenda. The seaside library 2023
FIC NUT Nuttall, Kōtuku Titihuia Tauhou : a novel 2023
FIC OAT Oates, Nathan A flaw in the design : a novel 2023
FIC OZA Oza, Janika A history of burning 2023
FIC PAG Pagé, Lucie Lost dogs : a novel 2023
FIC PAT Patterson, Sue Things I wish I told my mother 2023
FIC PLA Plante, Hazel Jane Any other city : a novel 2023
FIC POC Pochoda, Ivy Sing her down : a novel 2023
FIC POR Porter, Chana The thick and the lean : a novel 2023
FIC POR Porter, Michelle A grandmother begins the story : a novel 2023
FIC ROB Roberts, Nora Identity 2023
FIC ROS Rosenblum, Emma Bad summer people 2023
FIC SCO Scott, Kylie End of story 2023
FIC SLO Slocumb, Brendan Symphony of secrets 2023
FIC SMI Smith, Katy Simpson The weeds : a novel 2023
FIC SON Song, Jade Chlorine : a novel 2023
FIC STE Sternbergh, Adam The Eden Test 2023
FIC STR Stradal, J. Ryan Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper Club : a novel 2023
FIC VER Verghese, Abraham The covenant of water : a novel 2023
FIC WEB Webb, Heather Strangers in the night : a novel of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner 2023
FIC WEI Weir, Alison The king’s pleasure : a novel of Henry VIII 2023
FIC YEA Yeatman, Robin Bookworm : a novel 2023

Adult Non-Fiction

Call Number Author Title Year
111.85 MAG Magsamen, Susan Your brain on art : how the arts transform us 2023
153.733 HAR Hari, Johann Stolen focus : why you can’t pay attention–and how to think deeply again 2023
155.9 GIB Gibson, Christy The modern trauma toolkit : nurture your post-traumatic growth with personalized solutions 2023
158.1 MCI McInerny, Nora Bad vibes only : (and other things I bring to the table) : essays 2022
170.44 LAV Lavery, Daniel M. Dear prudence : liberating lessons from’s beloved advice column 2023
304.25 FRA Frankopan, Peter Earth transformed : an untold history 2023
305.2 TWE Twenge, Jean M. Generations : the real differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, and Silents – and what they mean for America’s future 2023
305.892 GOR Gordis, Daniel Impossible takes longer : 75 years after its creation, has Israel fulfilled its founders’ dreams? 2023
305.897 GOR Gordon, Katherine This place is who we are : stories of Indigenous leadership, resilience, and connection to homelands 2023
306.42 WIN Winchester, Simon Knowing what we know : the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom to modern magic 2023
322.4 ALE Alexander, Paul Elias Presidential takedown : how Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH, and the WHO conspired to overthrow President Trump 2022
330.122 ORE Oreskes, Naomi The big myth : how American business taught us to loathe government and love the free market 2023
362.734 MOO Moody, Anne The baby market : the case for adoption reform 2023
363.25 STO Stow, Nicola The real-life murder clubs : citizens solving crimes 2022
363.379 VAI Vaillant, John Fire weather : the making of a beast 2023
364.152 AIK Aikenhead, Sherri. Mommy Don’t : From Mother to Murderer / The True Story of Penny and Karissa Boudreau 2023
364.152 WHI Whitzman, Carolyn Clara at the door with a revolver : the scandalous Black suspect, the exemplary White son, and the murder that shocked Toronto 2023
393.1 SUT Sutton, Ian The big exit : the surprisingly urgent challenge of handling the remains of a billion boomers 2023
571.2 CAL Calvo, Paco Planta sapiens : the new science of plant intelligence 2023
581.6 VAR Varner, Collin Edible and medicinal flora of the West Coast : British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest 2023
612.8 ADE Adee, Sally We are electric : inside the 200-year hunt for our body’s bioelectric code, and what the future holds 2023
614.49 KEN Kennedy, Jonathan Pathogenesis : a history of the world in eight plagues 2023
635.9525 STE Stewart, Angus Futureproof your garden : environmentally sustainable ways to grow more with less 2023
636.8 LOS Losos, Jonathan B. The cat’s meow : how cats evolved from the Savanna to your sofa 2023
641.512 TAT Tatar, Kevin Tasty, healthy, cheap : budget-friendly recipes with exciting flavors 2023
641.512 WIL Williams, Carolyn Meals that heal one pot : 100+ recipes for your stovetop, sheet pan, instant pot, and air fryer : reduce inflammation for whole-body health 2022
641.5631 SHE Sherred, Jules Crip up the kitchen : tools, tips and recipes for the disabled cook 2023
641.6562 GRA Graubart, Cynthia Stevens Zucchini love : 43 garden fresh recipes for salads, soups, breads, lasagnas, stir-fries, and more 2023
747.94 WEN Wentz, Betsy Design happy : colorful homes for the modern family 2023
750 TSU Tsui, Nelson M. Stories behind my paintings* : *or, paintings behind my stories 2022
796.51 SAL Salter, Colin Remarkable treks : plan the walking trip of a lifetime on the world’s most spectacular trails 2023
796.54 SEA Seagrave, Jayne Camping British Columbia, the Rockies, and the Yukon : the complete guide to government park campgrounds 2023
799.1 BAI Bailey, John The angler’s bucket list : 500 great fishing adventures around the world : rivers, lakes, shores, deep sea 2023
910.86 HEN Hensen, Maartje The pride atlas : 500 iconic destinations for queer travelers 2023
940.53 LAR Larman, Alexander The Windsors at war : the King, his brother, and a family divided 2023
971.175 TEE Teed, Josie British Columbiana : a millenial in a gold rush town 2023
971.6 CLA Clarke, Scott Oak Island odyssey : a Masonic quest 2023

Kids’ Books

Call Number Author Title Year
Easy Readers
EASYREAD ANG Holabird, Katharine Angelina Ballerina’s ballet tour 2023
EASYREAD DUB Dubois, Liz Goulet I like this color 2023
EASYREAD SHE Shealy, Malcolm Meet Mario! 2021
EASYREAD TES Testa, Maggie My family is special 2020
Board Books
BB PAR Parker, Amy Love & kindness : Bible stories
BB MAR Marshall, Natalie Baby you’re magic 2023
BB PAR Park, Linda Sue Bee-bim Bop! 2005
BB MOK Mok, Carmen Ride the big machines across Canada 2015
BB WEB Webb, M. L. The GayBCs 2021
BB WAT Watt, Fiona. That’s not my fire engine … its doors are too bumpy 2023
COMICS BLA Blabey, Aaron The bad guys in open wide and say arrrgh! 2022
COMICS BAL Ball, Georgia I survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871 2023
COMICS BLA Blabey, Aaron The Bad Guys in the others?! 2022
COMICS FAJ Fajardo, Kat Miss Quinces 2022
COMICS OGL Ogle, Rex Four eyes : based on a true story 2023
Jr. Fiction
J FIC FIN Finley, Allison Below the surface 2023
J FIC JOH Johnson, Leah. Ellie Engle Saves Herself 2023
J FIC KEL Kelly, Erin Entrada Those kids from Fawn Creek 2022
J FIC KUY Kuyatt, Meg Eden Good Different. 2023
J FIC MAR Martin, Ann M. 1 Mary Anne and the search for Tigger 2023
J FIC MLY Mlynowski, Sarah Good as gold 2021
J FIC MLY Mlynowski, Sarah Just dance 2022
J FIC MLY Mlynowski, Sarah. Genie in a bottle 2017
J FIC MLY Mlynowski, Sarah Spill the beans 2019
J FIC PAT Patterson, James Minerva Keen’s detective club 2023
J FIC TAN Tan, Susan Ghosts, toast, and other hazards 2023
J FIC WES West, Tracey Dragon Masters: Curse of the shadow dragon: 23 2023
Picture Books
E AGE Agee, Jon My dad is a tree 2023
E BLO Bloom, Amy Flower girl 2023
E DAY Daywalt, Drew The crayons go back to school 2023
E DEA Dean, Kim Hickory dickory dock 2023
E FOX Foxe, Steve Super Mario 2021
E LAZ Lazowski, Anna Dark cloud 2023
E LEV Levington, Rebecca Gardyn Brainstorm! 2022
E ALE Alexander, Kwame. How to write a poem 2023
E LOC Locke, Katherine What are your words? : a book about pronouns 2021
E DYC Dyckman, Ame. How dinosaurs went extinct : a safety guide 2023
E DAV David, Arihhonni Who will win? 2022
E LAR LaRocca, Rajani Summer is for cousins 2023
E KNA Knapman, Timothy Sometimes I Just Won’t 2023
E TAR Tarnowska, Wafa’ Nour’s secret library 2022
E KIM Kim, Erica Kimchi, kimchi every day 2022


Call Number Author Title Year
M CON Connelly, Lucy An American in Scotland 2023
M HIL Hillerman, Anne The way of the bear 2023
M IDE Ide, Joe Fixit 2023
M NES Nesbo, Jo Killing moon 2023
M PAN Pandian, Gigi The raven thief 2023
M PAR Parker, T. Jefferson. The rescue : a novel 2023
M PAT Patterson, James Death of the black widow 2022
M PAT Patterson, James The 23rd midnight 2023
M THO Thomas, Will Heart of the Nile 2023
M WHI Whishaw, Iona To track a traitor 2023


Call Number Title Year
DVD FIC MIL Million dollar baby 2005
DVD FIC OUT Outlander Season six
DVD FIC ALI Alice, Darling 2023
DVD FIC MAR Marlowe 2022

Young Adult

Call number Auhtor Title Year
YA ALS Alsaid, Adi We didn’t ask for this 2020
YA BOU Boulley, Angeline Warrior girl unearthed 2023
YA COT Cottingham, Kayla This delicious death 2023
YA ELL Elle, J. Against the tide 2023
YA MCM McManus, Karen M. One of us is next 2020
YA MCW McWilliams, Kelly Your plantation prom is not okay 2023
YA REI Reintgen, Scott A door in the dark 2023
YA TAN Tanaka, Candie Baby drag queen 2023
YA WOU Wouters, Teresa. Creeboy 2022

Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Call number Author Title Year
SF CRO Cronin, Justin The ferryman : a novel 2023
SF LAW Lawless, Shauna The children of gods and fighting men 2022
SF TES Tesh, Emily Some desperate glory 2023
SF THO Thome, Dennis Fenneldill and Thimbleberry : Book two – The Wanderers Series 2022
SF THO Thome, Dennis The Journey of Hannah Sunrise : Book one- The world of Elif