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New Items this month!

Below is a list of all the books and movies we’ve added in the past month. Search our catalogue to place a hold on any of these titles, or come browse the new books shelves.

Last updated February 2, 2024

HOT Books

Call Number  Author Title Year
HOT Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see : a novel 2014
HOT Child, Lee The secret 2023


Call Number Author Title Year
FIC AKB Akbar, Kaveh Martyr! 2024
FIC BLA Blackburn, Venita. Dead in Long Beach California : A Novel 2024
FIC CAI Caine, Michael Deadly game 2023
FIC CHI Child, Lee Night school : a Jack Reacher novel 2016
FIC COO Cooper, Helen The couple in the photo : a novel 2023
FIC DAN Danan, Rosie Do your worst 2023
FIC DEN Denker, Jayne Hedging your bets : a novel 2024
FIC DEV Vigan, Delphine de Kids run the show 2023
FIC ENR Enrigue, Alvaro You dreamed of empires 2024
FIC FRA Frankel, Laurie Family family : a novel 2024
FIC GOD Goodwin, Daisy Diva 2024
FIC GRI Grippando, James Goodbye girl 2024
FIC GRU Grumley, Michael C. Deep freeze 2024
FIC HOW Howe, Jenny L. On the plus side : a novel 2023
FIC JON Jones, Amelia The stage kiss : a novel 2023
FIC KAH Kahler, Abbott Where you end : a novel 2024
FIC KIE Kiefer, Jenny This wretched valley 2024
FIC KRE Krentz, Jayne Ann The night island 2024
FIC KUM Kumar, Naina. Say you’ll be mine : a novel 2024
FIC LEM Lemming, Kimberly That time I got drunk and saved a demon 2024
FIC LYN Lynch, Paul Prophet song : a novel 2023
FIC MAS Mason, Daniel North woods : a novel 2023
FIC MEN Menger, Ivar Leon What mother won’t tell me 2024
FIC MOR Morgan, Louisa The ghosts of Beatrice Bird 2023
FIC NUG Nugent, Liz Strange Sally Diamond : a novel 2023
FIC PLA Plantinga, Adam The ascent 2024
FIC POK Pokwatka, Aimee The parliament 2024
FIC RIC Rico, Lauren E. Familia 2024
FIC SAN Santlofer, Jonathan The lost Van Gogh : a novel 2024
FIC SCA Scarrow, Simon Blackout 2021
FIC SHA Shawl, Nisi Kinning 2024
FIC STA Stamm, Peter The archive of feelings 2023
FIC SWI Swierczynski, Duane California Bear : a novel 2024
FIC URS Urszenyi, Steve Perfect shot : a thriller 2023


Call Number Author Title Year
M AIL Ailes, Kat The expectant detectives : a mystery 2024
M DAM Biswas, Damyanti The blue bar 2022
M DON Donovan, Kemper The busy body 2024
M KAY Kayode, Femi Gaslight 2023
M NES Nesbo, Jo Killing moon 2023
M PAT Patterson, James 2 Sisters Detective Agency 2022
M ROB Robb, J. D. Random in death 2024
M SAN Sandford, John Judgment prey 2023
M SCA Scarrow, Simon Dead of night 2023

Sci-fi / Fantasy

Call Number Author Title Year
SF MCG McGuire, Seanan Mislaid in parts half-known 2024
SF DIC Dickinson, Seth Exordia 2023
SF BLA Blake, Olivie The Atlas complex 2024
SF NAY Nayler, Ray The tusks of extinction 2024


Call Number Author Title Year
BIO 782.42 OBR O’Brien, Lucy Lead sister : the story of Karen Carpenter 2023
BIO 787.871 LEE Lee, Geddy My effin’ life 2023
BIO 306.84 WIN Winter, Molly Roden More : a memoir of open marriage 2024
BIO 791.45 HEF Hefner, Crystal. Only say good things : surviving Playboy and finding myself 2024


Call Number Author Title Year
332.024 VET Vettese, Frederick Retirement income for life : getting more without saving more 2023
338.92 RIT Ritchie, Hannah. Not the end of the world : how we can be the first generation to build a sustainable planet 2024
523.3 BOY Boyle, Rebecca Our moon : how Earth’s celestial companion transformed the planet, guided evolution, and made us who we are 2024
599.665 MCC McCrory, Wayne The wild horses of the Chilcotin : their history and future 2023
612.662 GUN Gunter, Jen Blood : the science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation 2024
613.26 RUB Rubin, Jordan The probiotic diet : improve digestion, boost your brain health, and supercharge your immune system 2023
741.674 OWE Owen, Ted. High art : a history of the psychedelic poster 1999
759.11 AMO Amos, Robert E. J. Hughes paints British Columbia 2019
910.92 WAL Wallance, Gregory Into Siberia : George Kennan’s epic journey through the brutal, frozen heart of Russia 2023
917.30 JEN Jenkins, Jedidiah Mother, nature : a 5,000-mile journey to discover if a mother and son can survive their differences 2023
947.70 SHU Shuster, Simon The showman : inside the invasion that shook the world and made a leader of Volodymyr Zelensky 2024


DVD 289.9 MY My Doukhobor cousins 2007
DVD 941.08 HIS His Majesty : King Charles III 2023
DVD FIC BRO The Brokenwood mysteries. Series 9 2023
DVD FIC GOI Going in style 2017
DVD FIC GOO S1 The good fight. Season one 2018
DVD FIC GOO S2 The good fight. Season two 2018
DVD FIC GOO S3 The good fight. Season three
DVD FIC GOO S4 The good fight Season four
DVD FIC GOO S5 The good fight. Season 5 2022
DVD FIC GOO S6 The good fight. the final season [Season six] 2023
DVD FIC SUC Succession. The 4th and final season 2023
DVD FIC WEI Weird : the Al Yankovic story 2023
DVD FIC YEL Yellowstone. Season 1 2018
DVD FIC YEL Yellowstone. Season 2 2021
J DVD ELE Elemental 2023
J DVD FIC SPI Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2023
J DVD FIC POL The Polar Express 2005


Call Number Author Title Year
YA ABE Abe, Julie Our cursed love 2023
YA COB Coben, Harlan 1962- Shelter : a Mickey Bolitar novel 2012
YA COB Coben, Harlan 1962- Seconds away : a Mickey Bolitar novel 2013
YA COB Coben, Harlan Found 2015

YA Graphic Novels

Call Number Author Title Year
GRAPHIC YA ODA Oda, Tomohito 1991- Komi can’t communicate. Volume 28 2024
YA GRAPHIC CAW Cawthon, Scott 1971- Five nights at Freddy’s : the twisted ones : a graphic novel 2021

Junior Fiction

Call Number Author Title Year
J FIC ROU Roumani, Rhonda. Tagging freedom 2023
J FIC RUS Russell, Rachel Renée Tales from a not-so-best friend forever 2019
J FIC RUS Russell, Rachel Renée Tales from a not-so-posh Paris adventure 2023
J FIC WIN Winston, Sherri Shark teeth 2024

Picture Books

Call Number Author Title Year
E VAN Van Draanen, Wendelin Gravity Is Bringing Me Down 2024
E ARM Armstrong, Mia I am a masterpiece! : an empowering story about inclusivity and growing up with Down Syndrome 2024

Board Books

Call Number Author Title Year
BB FRY Fry, Sonali Meet the mushrooms! 2024
BB RAZ Bunny Learns to Share 2024