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New Items this month!

Below is a list of all the books and movies we’ve added in the past month. Search our catalogue to place a hold on any of these titles, or come browse the new books shelves.

Last updated March 13, 2024

HOT Books

Call Number Author Title Year
HOT Hannah, Kristin The women 2024
HOT See, Lisa Lady Tan’s circle of women : a novel 2023


Call Number Author Title Year
FIC AKH Akhtar, Amina Almost surely dead : a thriller 2024
FIC ALE Alexander, Kirsten Lost boy found : a novel 2020
FIC ARD Arden, Katherine The warm hands of ghosts : a novel 2024
FIC ARM Armstrong, Kelley The boy who cried bear 2024
FIC ATW Atwood – Edited by Fourteen days : a literary project of the Authors Guild of America 2024
FIC BAN Banks, Russell American spirits 2024
FIC BAT Bateman, Kate Second duke’s the charm 2024
FIC BEN Bennett, Robert Jackson The tainted cup : a novel 2024
FIC BER Berry, Steve The Atlas Maneuver 2024
FIC BLA Blake, Matthew Anna O : a novel 2024
FIC BLA Blais, Marie-Claire Nights too short to dance 2023
FIC BO-R Bo-reum, Hwang Welcome to the Hyunam-dong Bookshop : a novel 2024
FIC BRO Brown, Gareth The book of doors : a novel 2024
FIC BUR Burke, James Lee Harbor lights : stories 2024
FIC CAR Carner, Talia The boy with the star tattoo : a novel 2024
FIC CAR Carr, Robyn The friendship club 2024
FIC CAU Cauchi, Caroline Mrs Van Gogh : a novel 2023
FIC CHA Chartrand, Adriana An ordinary violence : a novel 2023
FIC CHO Choo, Yangsze The fox wife : a novel 2024
FIC CHO Chornenki, Robert J. A Pig on Ice : A novel
FIC COR Corbett, Ron The sweet goodbye 2022
FIC COR Correa, Armando Lucas The silence in her eyes : a novel 2024
FIC DAD Dade, Olivia. At first spite 2024
FIC DOC Doctorow, Cory The bezzle 2024
FIC DUT Dutton, Jason B. How to dance : a novel 2024
FIC ELS Elston, Ashley First lie wins : a novel 2024
FIC EST Estima, Christine The Syrian Ladies Benevolent Society 2023
FIC EVA Evans, Malayna Neferura : the pharaoh’s daughter 2024
FIC FAZ Fazlul, Safia. The Red One 2023
FIC FOR Ford, Olivia Mrs. Quinn’s rise to fame : a novel 2024
FIC FRA Frampton, Megan Her adventures in temptation 2024
FIC GER Gerritsen, Tess The spy coast : a thriller 2023
FIC GOL Golden, Christopher The house of last resort : a novel 2024
FIC GRA Grace, Hannah Icebreaker : a novel 2023
FIC GRA Grace, Hannah Wildfire : a novel 2023
FIC HAL Hall, Araminta One of the good guys 2024
FIC HAL Hall, Alexis J. Waiting for the flood 2024
FIC HAN Hannah, Kristin The women 2024
FIC HAZ Hazelwood, Ali Bride 2024
FIC HEA Heath, Lorraine In want of a Viscount 2024
FIC HOG Hogarth, Ainslie Normal women 2023
FIC HOL Holiday, Jenny Canadian boyfriend 2024
FIC HOW Howard, Scott Alexander The other valley : a novel 2024
FIC HUR Hurwitz, Gregg Lone wolf 2024
FIC JAM Gonzalez James, Elizabeth The bullet swallower : a novel 2024
FIC JAY Jayatissa, Amanda. Island witch : a novel 2024
FIC KAP Kapelke-Dale, Rachel The fortune seller : a novel 2024
FIC KEL Kellerman, Jonathan The ghost orchid 2024
FIC KEN Kennedy, Louise (Ph. D.) The end of the world is a cul de sac 2023
FIC KES Kessler, Brad North : a novel 2021
FIC KIN Kingfisher, T. What feasts at night 2024
FIC KON Konen, Leah Keep your friends close 2024
FIC KOO Koontz, Dean R. The bad weather friend 2024
FIC LAS Laskowski, Tara The weekend retreat: a novel 2023
FIC LEA Lea, Amy The catch 2024
FIC LEE Lee, Rosey The gardins of Edin : a novel 2024
FIC LER Leroux, Catherine The future 2023
FIC LIN Link, Kelly The book of love : a novel 2024
FIC LIV Livesey, Margot The road from Belhaven : a novel 2024
FIC LOV Love, Ryan. Arthur and Teddy are coming out 2024
FIC MAA Maalouf, Amin On the isle of Antioch 2023
FIC MAR Martin, Valerie Mrs. Gulliver : a novel 2024
FIC MAR Markert, James Mister Lullaby : a novel 2023
FIC MCC McCulloch, Amy Midnight 2024
FIC MCF McFadden, Freida The housemaid’s secret 2023
FIC MCF McFadden, Freida The teacher 2024
FIC MCN McNeil, Kelley Mayluna : a novel 2024
FIC MIC Michaelides, Alex The fury 2024
FIC MIL Miller, Vanessa The American queen : a novel 2024
FIC MIL Miller, Suzie. Prima facie : a novel 2024
FIC MIL Miller, Linda Lael Christmas in Painted Pony Creek 2023
FIC MOR Moraine, Sunny. Your shadow half remains 2024
FIC ORD Ordorica, Andr©♭s N. How we named the stars : a novel 2024
FIC OUT Outen, Karen Dixon, descending : a novel 2024
FIC PAR Paris, B. A. The guest 2024
FIC PAY Payne, Nikki Sex, lies and sensibility 2024
FIC PAY Paylor, Loghan The cure for drowning 2024
FIC PHA Pham, Andrew X. Twilight territory : a novel 2024
FIC PHI Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Simply the best 2024
FIC QUI Quinn, Kate The Phoenix crown : a novel 2024
FIC QUI Quindlen, Anna After Annie : a novel 2024
FIC RAS Rashad, Rae Giana The blueprint : a novel 2024
FIC REI Reilly, Rebecca K. Greta & Valdin 2024
FIC RIC Rice, Waubgeshig Moon of the turning leaves : a novel 2023
FIC RIC Rich, Roberta The jazz club spy : a novel 2023
FIC ROB Roberts, Tara Karr Wild and distant seas : a novel 2024
FIC RUI Ruiz-Grossman, Sarah A fire so wild : a novel 2024
FIC SCO Scott, Caroline Good taste : a novel in search of great food 2022
FIC SHE Sheung-King Batshit seven : a novel 2024
FIC SHE Shelstad, Sam The cobra and the key 2023
FIC SPA Spalding, Amy At her service 2024
FIC TAN Tanamachi, Cara The takeover 2024
FIC THE Theroux, Paul Burma sahib : a novel 2024
FIC VAR Vardiashvili, Leo Hard by a great forest 2024
FIC WEI Weiner, Steve Duck Island 2023
FIC WIL Williams, Phillip B. Ours : A Novel 2024
FIC WIL Williams, Tia A love song for Ricki Wilde : a novel 2024
FIC WIL Wilkes, Ally. Where the Dead Wait 2023
FIC WON Wong, Christina Denison Avenue 2023
FIC WRA Wray, CJ The excitements : a novel 2024


Call Number Author Title Year
M ALL Allen, Nancy Campbell To capture his heart 2022
M ALL Allen, Nancy Campbell The matchmaker’s lonely heart 2021
M ARC Archambeau, Robert Thomas Alice B. Toklas is missing 2023
M ARN Arnold, Carolyn Her Last Words A gripping and utterly addictive crime thriller 2023
M BEA Beaton, M. C. Death of a spy 2024
M BEN Bennett, S. J. Murder most royal : a novel 2023
M BOX Box, C. J. Three-inch teeth 2024
M BRO Brown, Karma What wild women do : a novel 2023
M COX Cox, Mollie Ann. The Lace Widow 2023
M DOV Dovalpage, Teresa Last Seen in Havana
M HAM Hamilton, Ian The fury of Beijing 2024
M HAS Hastings, Anastasia Of hoaxes and homicide 2024
M HIL Hilton, Kate. Bury the Lead : A Quill & Packet Mystery 2024
M LAW Lawhon, Ariel. The frozen river : a novel 2023
M LEO Leon, Donna So shall you reap 2023
M LEW Lewis, Gerri The last word 2024
M MCD McDermid, Val Past lying 2023
M MCD McDonough, Patrice Murder by lamplight 2024
M MCK McKinty, Adrian The detective up late 2023
M MIL Miller, C. L. The antique hunter’s guide to murder : a novel 2024
M PAT Patterson, James Missing persons 2024
M PEA Pearson, Mallory We ate the dark : a novel 2024
M SPU Spufford, Francis Cahokia jazz : a novel 2024
M STE Stevenson, Benjamin Everyone on this train is a suspect : a novel 2023

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Call Number Author Title Year
SF ANT Reports from the Deep End 2023
SF ELS Elsbai, Hadeer The daughters of Izdihar 2023
SF HAR Harvey, Samantha Orbital : a novel 2023
SF HEN Henry, Veronica G. Canopy Keepers 2024
SF LAR Lares, Mariely Sun of blood and ruin 2024
SF MAY May, Elizabeth To cage a god 2024
SF OLD Older, Malka. The Imposition of Unnecessary Obstacles 2024
SF PIT Pitkin, Joe. Exit Black 2024
SF ROC Rocha, Kit Consort of fire 2023
SF TSA Tsamaase, Tlotlo Womb city 2024

Large Print

Call Number Author Title Year
LP FIC BYR Byrne, Monica The actual star a novel 2021


Call Number Author Title Year
W DAN Daniels, B. J. River strong 2023


Call Number Author Title Year
001.944 OCO O’Connor, John The secret history of Bigfoot : field notes on a North American monster 2024
004.678 HEI Heitner, Devorah Growing up in public : coming of age in a digital world 2023
133.32 HOL Holm, Melinda Lee Your tarot guide : learn to navigate life with the help of the cards 2023
133.5 SUT Sutter, Amina Astrosex : what the stars say about our sexuality 2024
153.1 RAN Ranganath, Charan Why we remember : unlocking memory’s power to hold on to what matters 2024
155.93 CER Cervantes, Kelly Normal broken : the grief companion for when it’s time to heal but you’re not sure you want to 2023
155.93 CRO Crosley, Sloane Grief is for people 2024
158.1 ALL Allen, Neal Better days : tame your inner critic 2023
158.2 MOR Morin, Amy LENDING & EXPRESS. fix what’s broken, develop healthier patterns, and grow stronger together 13 things mentally strong couples don’t do 2023
177.62 COH Cohen, Rhaina The other significant others : reimagining life with friendship at the center 2024
289.309 PAR Park, Benjamin E. American Zion : a new history of Mormonism 2024
292.2 HAY Haynes, Natalie Divine might : goddesses in Greek myth 2023
302.2 DUH Duhigg, Charles Supercommunicators : how to unlock the secret language of connection 2024
302.231 KLE Klein, Naomi. Doppelganger A Trip into the Mirror World 2023
305.90 BLI Blitzer, Jonathan Everyone who is gone is here : the United States, Central America, and the making of a crisis 2024
307 PLE Plett, Casey. On community 2023
320.01 RUN Runciman, David The handover : how we gave control of our lives to corporations, states and AIs 2023
320.973 MCQ McQuade, Barbara Attack from within : how disinformation is sabotaging America 2024
322.10 ALB Alberta, Tim The kingdom, the power, and the glory : American evangelicals in an age of extremism 2023
362.10 COM Comen, Elizabeth All in her head: the truth and lies early medicine taught us about women’s bodies and why it matters today 2024
363.20 MER Merith, Keith Darker Shade of Blue : A Police Officer’s Memoir 2024
364.15 SHE Sherman, Casey A murder in Hollywood : the untold story of Tinseltown’s most shocking crime 2024
364.152 MAT Matney, Mandy Blood on their hands : murder, corruption, and the fall of the Murdaugh dynasty 2023
364.152 OLS Olsen, Gregg The Amish wife : unraveling the lies, secrets, and conspiracy that let a killer go free 2024
372.41 DOD Dodson, Shireen. The mother-daughter book club : how ten busy mothers and daughters came together to talk, laugh and learn through their love of reading 1997
523.12 HAL Halpern, Paul The allure of the multiverse : extra dimensions, other worlds, and parallel universes 2024
598 KRA Kracht, Matt The field guide to dumb birds of the whole stupid world 2021
599.76 DAR Darlington, Miriam Otter country : an unexpected adventure in the natural world 2024
599.9 DAV Davis, Wade Beneath the Surface of Things : New and Selected Essays 2024
612.66 NAT Natterson, Cara This is so awkward : modern puberty explained 2023
616.99 LIN Link, John S. The breast cancer survival manual : a step-by-step guide for women with newly diagnosed breast cancer 2023
628.5 DUS Dust collection systems and solutions for every budget : complete guide to protecting your lungs and eyes from wood, metal, and resin dust in the workshop 2023
635.93 BIT Bittner, Stefani The fragrant flower garden : growing, arranging, and preserving natural scents 2024
636.009 DEV Devine, Alexis I am Bunny : how a “talking” dog taught me everything I need to know about being human 2023
638.109 MCE McEwen, Joy Raising resilient bees : heritage techniques to mitigate mites, preserve locally adapted genetics, and grow your apiary 2023
641.5 ZAS Zaslavsky, Alice. Better Cooking : Life-Changing Skills & Recipes to Tempt & Teach 2024
641.5632 KHA Khachame, Cheynese Oodles and oodles of vegan noodles : soba, ramen, udon & more 2023
641.812 BRO Brown, Maegan Brilliant bites : 75 amazing small bites for any occasion 2023
641.83 BEN Ben-Ishay, Melissa. Come hungry : salads, meals, and sweets for people who live to eat 2024
746.43 CRO Crowther, Louise Knitted animal friends : over 40 knitting patterns for adorable animal dolls, their clothes and accessories 2019
746.43 SEM Semaan, Celine A modern guide to granny squares : awesome color combinations and designs for fun and fabulous crochet blocks 2021
791 NES Nesteroff, Kliph. Outrageous : a history of showbiz and the culture wars 2023
791.43 API Aping, Norbert Charlie Chaplin and the Nazis : the long German campaign against the artist 2023
796.96 ARN Arnold, Dale Tough guys : Hockey’s enforcers on wild brawls, high stakes, and the code that binds them 2023
811.6 BEN bennett, andrea the berry takes the shape of the bloom : poems 2023
811.6 PET Peters, Bradley Sonnets from a cell 2023
811.6 SHA Shafi, Hana 1993- People you know, places you’ve been : poems and illustrations 2023
828.92  CUN Cunk, Philomena Cunk on everything : the encyclopedia Philomena 2023
940.48 THO Thomson, R. H. By the ghost light : wars, memory, and families 2023
940.53 STO Stone, Dan The Holocaust : an unfinished history 2024
941.08 SCO Scobie, Omid Endgame : inside the royal family and the monarchy’s fight for survival 2023
941.086 OWE Owens, Ed After Elizabeth : can the monarchy save itself? 2023
954 ZUB Zubrzycki, John The shortest history of India : from the world’s oldest civilization to its largest democracy– a retelling for our times 2023
956.94 KHA Khalidi, Rashid The hundred years’ war on Palestine : a history of settler colonialism and resistance, 1917-2017 2021
971.004 TRO Troeung, Y-Dang Landbridge: [life in fragments] 2023
971.1 COM Coman, Edwin T. Time, tide, and timber : a century of Pope & Talbot 1949
BIO 327.12 HAR Harmon, Mark Ghosts of Honolulu : a Japanese spy, a Japanese American spy hunter, and the untold story of Pearl Harbor 2023
BIO 328.73 CHE Cheney, Liz Oath and honor : a memoir and a warning 2023
BIO 333.72 HUN Mr. Mindbomb : eco-hero and Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter : a life in stories 2023
BIO 362.82 HOR Horton, Michelle Dear sister : a memoir of secrets, survival, and unbreakable bonds 2024
BIO 362.88 SYM Symington-Fedy, Emelia Skid dogs 2023
BIO 598.07 OKA O’Kane, Trish Birding to change the world : a memoir 2024
BIO 616.85 FRA Fraser, Tara Sidhoo When my ghost sings : a memoir of stroke, recovery & transformation 2023
BIO 791.43 COL Collins, Joan Behind the shoulder pads : tales I tell my friends 2023
BIO 940.53 WHI White, Elizabeth B. The counterfeit countess : the Jewish woman who rescued thousands of Poles during the Holocaust 2024
BIO 940.54 DRA Drabkin, Ronald Beverly Hills spy 2024

Graphic Novels

Call Number Author Title Year
GRAPHIC FIC CAR Carroll, Emily A guest in the house 2023
GRAPHIC FIC 741.5971 VAN Ardney Thanthalteresco Van-Rinn The Chronicles of Parallel 49 Musings on the Canadian Experience (Or, we ain’t quite as good as we think we are)


Call Number Title Year
DVD 364.16 THI The thief collector 2023
DVD FIC HOL The holdovers 2024
DVD FIC HUN The hunger games, the ballad of songbirds & snakes 2024
DVD FIC JAC Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Season 3 2023
DVD FIC PAS Past lives 2023
DVD FIC PRI Priscilla 2024
DVD FIC REA Reacher. Season one 2022
DVD FIC THO A thousand and one 2023


Call Number Author Title Year
YA BER Berwah, Tanvi Somewhere in the deep 2024
YA BRO Bromfield, Asha Songs of Irie 2023
YA CHA Chan, Marty Cosplay crime 2024
YA COL Cole, Kamilah So let them burn 2024
YA DEA Deaver, Mason Okay, Cupid 2024
YA FAI Faizal, Hafsah A tempest of tea 2024
YA FER Ferguson, Jenny Those Pink Mountain nights 2023
YA FOR Forna, Namina The eternal ones 2024
YA HAH Hahn, Erin Even if it breaks your heart 2024
YA NIC Nicholls, Sally Yours from the tower 2024
YA PAR Park, Soyoung. Snowglobe 2024
YA POH Pohl-Weary, Emily How to be found 2023
YA ROS Ross, Rebecca Divine rivals : a novel 2023
YA SAM Sambury, Liselle Tender beasts 2024
YA SUK Suk, Sarah The space between here & now 2023
Graphic YA
GRAPHIC YA GIB Gibbs, Shawne Ghost roast 2021
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 7
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue Lock 11 2024/02
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 1 2022
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 2 2022
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 3 2022
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 4
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 5
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 6
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue lock. 8
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki. Blue Lock 9 2023/10
GRAPHIC YA KAN Kaneshiro, Muneyuki Blue lock. 10 2023
GRAPHIC YA TWI Twin, Christopher Bad medicine 2023

Kids Books

Picture Books

Call Number Authort Title Year
E BRI Bright, Rachel Snail in space 2024
E CUT Cutler, Marcus 1978- I do not eat children 2024
E DRI Drinkwater, Nicole The What-If Kid First Day of School 2023
E EDW Edwards, Nicola Happy 2018
E EGG Eggers, Dave Soren’s seventh song 2023
E HAR Harris, Shawn (Artist) The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn 2024
E KAL Kalb, Bess 1987- Buffalo Fluffalo 2024
E NIC Schultz Nicholson, Lorna The girl who loved poutine 2024
E ROB Robinson, Michelle (Michelle Jane) 1977- 1, 2, 3, do the robot 2023
E WIL Wilkins, Julie We’re happy you’re here 2024

Junior Fiction

Call Number Author Title Year
J FIC HUN Hunter, Erin The shattered horn 2024
J FIC SAS Sass, A. J. Just shy of ordinary 2024
J FIC HOW Howard, Amalie Bumps in the night 2024
J FIC LAN Johnson, Anna Rose The luminous life of Lucy Landry 2024
J FIC ALL Allen, Crystal Between two brothers 2024
J FIC VIL Villanueva, Gail D.. Lulu Sinagtala and the city of noble warriors 2024
J FIC MAR Marsh, Katherine The myth of monsters Medusa 2024
J FIC MA Ma, Diana. The unbeatable Lily Hong 2024
J FIC BRE Brennan, Linda Crotta The selkie’s daughter 2024
J FIC MES 3 Messenger, Shannon Everblaze 2015


Call Number Author Title Year
COMICS BON Tur, Míriam Bonastre Hooky 2021
COMICS BON Tur, Míriam Bonastre Hooky. Volume 2 2022
COMICS BON Tur, Míriam Bonastre Hooky. Volume 3 2023
COMICS KIB Kibuishi, Kazu Amulet. Book nine Waverider 2024
COMICS TAR Ball, Georgia I survived the Nazi invasion, 1944 2021
COMICS WAT Watson, Andi Punycorn 2023

Board Books

Call Number Author Title Year
BB SMI Smith, Danna Wake up, freight train! 2022
BB OSA Osakwe, Leah. Let’s Be Brave 2024
BB OSA Osakwe, Leah. Let’s Be Friends 2024
BB SRI Srinivasan, Divya. Little Owl’s night 2013
BB SRI Srinivasan, Divya Little Owl’s day 2014
BB SZE Sze, Gillian 1985- When sunlight tiptoes 2023
BB VAN Vanderlee, Lana I’ll be a chicken too 2023
BB ABB Abbo, Hannah Night night dinosaur 2023
BB CLA Claire, Alexandra Day at the farm 2024
BB COB Cobb, Mo Duffy A is for Anne 2023
BB DEL Dellow, Sarah Meadow 2022
BB IZE Izelaar, Krista How do you feel, little bear?