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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:

Our mission is to engage and enrich our community by providing access to a world of information, discovery, lifelong learning, culture, and recreational pursuits.

Our Vision:

To be an innovative and accessible centre for the social, cultural, and information needs of the community.

Our Values:


We encourage a culture of excellence and provide a level of service which reflects this: we support the community to reach its highest potential.


Our building is the community’s living room, and as such we practice inclusiveness by supporting the wide varieties of needs among the people we serve.

Lifelong learning

We are an information hub, and encourage the use of our resources to pursue any number of educational pursuits, regardless of age or experience.


We are continuously seeking to learn and improve by exploring new ideas and by continually being mindful of the evolving model and role of the public library.


We recognize and celebrate the value of diversity and seek to respect and appreciate the varied nature of our community.


We recognise the difference between information and knowledge, and promote a deeper understanding of the world.


We know the importance of preserving our planet and seek to practice and promote sustainability in all our practices and programs.


We conduct ourselves openly and with integrity.

Intellectual Freedom:

We understand the necessity of the right to knowledge in a free and democratic society and will strive to provide access to all types of information.