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Board Members

Serving on the Board

Grand Forks & District Public Library is governed by the Library Act.

The board consists of up to nine trustees elected from the membership, and one elected local government official.

Trustees are elected prior to the AGM each year. A trustee’s term-of-office is two years to a maximum of eight consecutive years. The local government representative is appointed to a one‐year term. The Library Director is the ex-officio secretary to the board.

The board has overall fiduciary responsibility for the library. Other primary responsibilities include determining strategic priorities, developing policies, and hiring the Library Director.

Applications to serve on the board are accepted by the Library during the public notice period, typically a a few weeks before the AGM.

The board seeks to reflect the diversity of the community. We expect our trustees to be team players, good communicators, and conscientious and reliable attendees. Strong connections in our community are an asset. Specific skills (e.g. financial management or accounting, advocacy, policy development, strategic planning, human resource management) are also helpful.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to the public. If you wish to make a presentation to the Board, please contact the Library Director to arrange a delegation.

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Minutes from previous board meetings can be viewed here. To view the official board package and complete minutes from previous meetings please ask the Library Director in person at the library or call to arrange an appointment.

Annual General Meetings

Each year, the Library Association holds an Annual General Meeting of the Association. At this time the results of the election to the Library Board is announced, the Financial Statements are presented, the Annual Report is presented, and the Membership may make changes to the Library By-Laws.

Board Members

  • Mary Kierans (Chair)
  • Ellen McDonnell (Vice Chair)
  • Chris Jonat (Treasurer)
  • Cheryl Ahrens
  • Sandra Shore
  • Alice Webb
  • Alan Peterson
  • Jennifer Messier
  • Deborah Lafleur (appointed by City of Grand Forks)

Our Library Board is elected from the membership of the Library. One member is appointed as a representative from the City of Grand Forks, Area “C” or Area “D”. Every year we hold elections for the Library Board. Each Board Member commits to a two year term.