Meeting Room Rentals

The library meeting room is available to all community groups and organizations in our region. Commercial operations may book the meeting room for staff training or internal meetings but may not use the room as a commercial outlet (a place to sell products or services).

Meeting Room Rental Fee Schedule

Less than 4 hours 4-8 hours
Group A:


$50 $75
Group B:

Educational institutions

$25 $50
Group C:

Non-profit & volunteer groups
Adult recreational & self-help

$10 $15
Group D:

Childrens’ & youth groups

$10 $10

All fees must be paid in advance of using the room. We would prefer that groups that use the room on a regular basis pay for a month in advance. User groups that do not give 72 hours advance notice of cancellation will be charged as if they had used the room, except for Group D users (Childrens’ and youth groups) who will be levied a $5 charge if they fail to provide proper cancellation notice.